• One of China's most beautiful campuses
• The "Cradle of Modern Chinese Oceanography"
• The first university in Mainland China to award the MBA degree
• China's leading Chemistry Department
• The first Institute of Higher Education Research in China
• China's first modern college for overseas students - the Overseas Education College
• Mainland China's university with the closest academic ties with Taiwan
• China's first Institute of South East Asian and Overseas Chinese Studies
• One of China's first universities to teach International Law



The Motto of XMU


Pursue Excellence refers to the conscious, unceasing effort to improve oneself. The expression first appears in the Book of Changes: As Heaven maintains its vigour through movement, so the gentleman should pursue self-improvement unremittingly. Tao Kan, the Governor of Jing Zhou during the Jin Dynasty, made it his motto, and through his dedication, he became a powerful, outstanding military figure, whose fame spread wide. His stories of untiringly pursued self-improvement were even recorded This appears in the Book of Rites compiled towards the end of the Tang Dynasty, where it says, Tao Kan, throughout his life was diligent and pursued self-improvement unremittingly.

Strive for Perfection concerns the persistent effort to pursue ultimate perfection. It refers to the Daxue Great Learning chapter of the Book of Rites: The way of great learning consists in manifesting one's shining virtue, in loving the people, in only stopping on achieving perfection.



The Coat of Arms of XMU

The four traditional Chinese characters at the top are the name “Xiamen University”; those at the bottom are “Xiamen University” in Latin; the three stars within the shield represent the “three powers” in traditional Chinese philosophy, namely the three major elements in nature: spirit, universe and mankind; the city wall and gate in the centre of the shield symbolise XMU’s attaching great importance to attracting top talents from all over the world and implementation of open education; the four Chinese characters in the ribbon mean “Strive for perfection” from the motto of XMU.